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Huzzah! We've got our first one star review!

"This sucks so bad. Don't even listen to the preview, I'm warning you now you will have the retarded song stuck in your head all day." - Anonymous iTunes Review

Hey, since Apple added Podcast support to iTunes, it seems like everyone has their own Podcast. So, not wanting to be left out, so will we!

"As heard on Adam Curry's iTunes Podfinder XI!"

The Pirate Comedy Show Downloadable Audio File Show is now available! Each episode is being recorded live from the media center at the Grandscale Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire in Sacremende! It's spiffy!

Subscribe today (free!) using a podcast subscription program (like iTunes) and get new episodes as they are published.

Subscription link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/piratecomedy

Or, visit www.anothercrappypodcast.com to download individual episodes as .mp3 files, and read (or contribute to) the show notes.

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