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Pirate Press - Volume II, Number 1 - January-March 2004

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The Captain's Quarters

Greetings, land lubbers! This is Captain J.P. Boyd (legendary pirate) with the latest Pirate Comedy Show news. To those just joining us, welcome to our quarterly update! To the rest of you, thanks alot for making me lick 221 stamps! (Blech...)

Much has happened since this act was formed last Fall and none of it would have been possible without your support (especially those who tipped heavily!). We have several new shows planned as well as an updated version of our original Blackened Pearl story. Be sure to come see us again (and bring friends). - J.P.

2004 Schedule, First Look

A few weeks ago we sent out flyers to various Midwest events. We now have our first confirmed bookings for this season:

May 15-16: Private Event (Chicago, IL)
May 29-31: Des Moines Renaissance Festival
June 5-6: Siouxland Renaissance Festival (SD)
July 10-11: Upper Great Lakes Ren Faire (MI)
Sep 4-6: Iowa Renaissance Festival
Sep 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 25-26: Nebraska Renaissance Faire

Since our next newsletter won't be out until Summer, check our website for the latest schedule or call the Midwest Ren Hotline at (515) 331-8211 (also good for Midwest festival info and news).

Letters in a Bottle

I saw your show at Amana and then saw the pics you posted from another show. Where was Cordelia Sextant?

Cordelia (Alicia, Iowa City) and I created the show just for the Iowa Ren Fest. When we were asked to do Nebraska, our schedules were open so we accepted. When several other smaller gigs came up that Alicia was not able to attend, Molly Mayrose (Lynne, Des Moines) was recruited. (Molly was with the visiting royalty you may have seen at Amana, and also helped stage manage our shows in Nebraska.) The third pirate wench is Cap'n S.M. Tymburs (Larisa, Omaha) who helped out at Nishna. To confuse things further, there is another Captain Boyd in training in case we get hired by multiple events on the same weekend. Stay tuned!

[photo] Cordelia (holding “Woody”) and JP - Neb. Ren Faire

What happened to [your former group] the Washer Wenches?

After three seasons together, the Washer Well Wenches took some time off. Keirra is raising a new baby, and Sheila and Willa spent last year working for a food merchant. I had great fun writing and performing with them in 2002 so hopefully we can reunite when our schedules allow. (The wWw website is: www.wenchville.com)

Pirate Joke of the Day

Q: What is a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant?
A: Arrrbys!

(But we like Long John Silvers - they give us hats!)

Booty Update

After going through several hundred pirate themed buttons last year, we decided to be even more shameless with merchandising this season. Our new comedy CD is in the works and we hope to have T-shirts ready by our first event. Please let us know what pirate items you would spend money on and we'll see what we can do...!

Pirate Peeves

For the record ... it's Arrr, not Arrrgh. The sound of Arrrgh is only used by pirates when they are holding another pirate's sword ... the wrong way. (Besides, all the jokes about the pirate alphabet and the pirate's favorite letter would not make sense if it wasn't just an 'R' sound. So there.)

About the Pirate Comedy Show Players

Our cast members have performed at: A Ren Affaire, Bristol, Geneseo Shakespearean Fest, Iowa Ren Fest, Jubilee Olde English Faire, Kansas City Ren Fest, King Richard's Faire, LaCrosse Ren Faire, Minnesota Ren Fest, Nebraska Ren Faire, Nishna River Ren Faire, Olde World Faire, Ren Faire of the Midlands, Saint Giles Faire, Salisbury Faire, Upper Great Lakes Ren Faire, Waterloo Ren Faire, Wybreg Village, and various private/corp. events.

J.P. Boyd .............................. Allen H, Des Moines
Show creator. Co-writer of original show. Formerly rose rogue with the Washer Well Wenches.

Cordelia Sextant .................. Alicia A, Iowa City
Original wench. Co-writer of original show. Formerly with Shattock Schoole of Defence. Prop maker.

Molly Mayrose ..................... Lynne M, Des Moines
Founder, Have Court Will Travel royalty and Glastonbury Revelers (they sang at the White House!)

S.M. Tymburs ...................... Larisa H, Omaha
Stand-in wench. Theater major. Pirate babe.

Comments from the (Peanut) Galley

After we appeared at the inaugural Nebraska Renaissance Faire last September, a few comments were sent in to the organizer, including one really nice one that specifically mentioned our show. As listed on the front of their website, Katy from Nebraska wrote:

"Just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed the Nebraska Renaissance Faire and Medieval Pageant. My husband and I took our 3- and 5-year old sons, and my sister and her husband attended with their three kids (10, 12, & 14). We all had a great time. ... We were pleased to see food choices that appealed to all ages. We particularly enjoyed the Pirate Comedy Show and the New Riders of the Golden Age - the two young men who were "working the crowd" were fabulous! They greeted us as we arrived to watch and went out of their way to make my shy 3 year old smile and laugh."

We were very pleased to be mentioned by name along with the joust. When performing with the Washer Well Wenches, we received a similar endorsement from Siouxland Ren Association:

"The humor of this act is not to be missed, and indeed the Washer Well Wenches gathered the largest audiences to their shows at the SLRF [Siouxland Renaissance Festival], topped only by the Joust. We look forward to having them back, year after year." - Melissa Sutton, Siouxland Renaissance Association

See a pattern? Yes, this is shameless self promotion, but we wanted to point out a trend in our style of show: Family friendly for the kids (unless otherwise requested) with just a hint of innuendo to keep the adults laughing too. Combining this with the current popularity of funny pirates has been greatly successful. So, while this fad lasts, we'll keep shamelessly self promoting ourselves...

Robot Pirate Quote of the Day

"We wants the red head! We wants the red head!" - animatronic pirates in the Wench Auction scene at Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Mmmm. Pirates like red heads!

There have been 89 pirates sacking the village within the past 24 hours. (Arrrr you still here???)
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