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Festival Schedule, 2006

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We are not actively booking shows for 2006. However, we will still happily consider appearances if we can.

January Not unless they fly us to Florida. Too cold here!


March Seriously. Too cold!

Well, it's warming up. Ice is going away, at least.

Unavailable for bookings.
Elgin, IL

May (confirmed) 6-7
Iowa Renaissance Festival
Middle Amana Park - The lovely seaside village of Middle Amana, IA
We were there. Again. This time, the event was moved from Fall to Spring, since Labor Day Weekend is now when the Des Moines Renaissance Faire will be running.

TOO HOT! And I'm not just talking about our pirate wenches... (We'd happily consider any indoor gigs, though, or events further North!)

(tentative) 20
Sacremende Medieval Faire
Sacremende City Park - The lovely seaside village of Sacremende, CA
This is the 10th year anniversary of this event, and this year they are celebrating the rich history of Sacremende pirates. Really. We wouldn't make this stuff up. Would we? You can Google it and find out.


(confirmed) 2-3-4, 9-10, 16-17
Des Moines Renaissance Faire
Festival Park - The lovely seaside village of Des Moines, IA
Although this will be the fourth "Des Moines Ren Faire," it will be the very first at it's new permanent home. Festival Park was constructed to host this event. In addition to our Pirate's Cove area, it has 50 or so merchant shops and other buildings (no pop-up tents!).

International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Molly's birthday.


Happy Halloween! (Or, if you are in Des Moines, happy Beggar's Night.)

There is a chance we may be doing some piratey activities at the Pumpkin Fest and Harvest Faire at the all-new Festival Park in Des Moines. This event is not a ren fest. It's more of a craft show with entertainment set in a Jolly Olde English village. Instead of a joust, it will feature a pirate show. Various storybook and fantasy characters will be around to entertain children. It sounds like we may get to be there to some capacity.

November Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!

J.P. Boyd and Guitar
J.P. rocks the crowd. "Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! The life of a pirate is mine.."

There have been 39 pirates sacking the village within the past 24 hours. (Arrrr you still here???)
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