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Festival Schedule, 2004

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January Are you kidding? It's far too cold to have a renaissance festival in this region.
February ...and I expect it won't be much warmer now.
March Or now.
April The snow is finally starting to melt, though..

reserved: 8
Non Pirate Event
The lovely seaside village of Johnston, IA (Des Moines)

(This is not a Pirate Comedy Show event -- A non-pirate JP will be helping out at the Central Iowa Celtic Festival on Saturday. If you like Celtic Festivals, drop by and say hi!)

reserved: 15-16
Private Function
Chicago, IL

29-30-31 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Des Moines Renaissance Faire & Coronation Pageant
Water Works Park - The lovely seaside village of Des Moines, IA
[J.P. and Grace]

This event marks a return of renaissance activity in Des Moines. For a few years (up until 2000), there were actually two festivals here, but then one moved to Amana Colonies, IA and the other shut down in 2002. The last time a festival was held in Des Moines, it drew 20,000 guests!


paperwork received: 5-6
Siouxland Renaissance Festival
Behind Wild Water West -The lovely seaside village of Sioux Falls, SD
[J.P. and Molly]

When I performed at this event in 2002 with the Washer Well Wenches, we had some of the largest and most intense audiences I have ever seen. It was a total blast, and also right next door to a water park! Pirates like water.


paperwork received: 10-11
Upper Great Lakes Renaissance Faire
Norrie Park - The lovely seaside village of Ironwood, MI
[J.P. and Molly]

I visited this event in 2002 and had a great time. That time, I brought wenches. This time, I bring pirate wenches.

28th (Wednesday)
The lovely seaside village of Marshalltown, IA
[J.P. and Molly]

After meeting some pirate-themed bikers (no, not those kind of bikers) at the Des Moines Ren Faire, Molly made a call to see if we could perform during RAGBRAI. So far, it looks like we may be going to pass the hat in Marshalltown on this Wednesday.


TOO HOT! And I'm not just talking about our pirate wenches... (We'd happily consider any indoor gigs, though, or events further North!)

15th - Iowa State Fair (not performing, but Molly and JP worked the Amana Colonies info booth promoting the upcoming Iowa Renaissance Festival)
20th - back at the State Fair... And today was JP's birthday!

4-5-6 (Labor Day Weekend)
Iowa Renaissance Festival & Gathering o' Celts
Middle Amana Park - The lovely seaside village of Amana Colonies, IA
[J.P. and Grace, with a special appearance by Molly]

This event will mark the 1 year anniversary of this act.

Corporate Event

Omaha, NE

Nebraska Renaissance Faire & Medieval Pageant
C.J. Holling Camp - The lovely seaside village of Ashland, NE (between Omaha and Lincoln)
[J.P. and Grace, with special appearance by Molly]

This event will mark the 1 year and 2 weeks anniversary of this act.

October 8
Des Moines Renaissance Faire Pageant Parade
Merle Hay Mall - The lovely seaside village of Des Moines, IA
(promotion for the festival)

Des Moines Renaissance Faire & Fall Feast
Water Works Park - The lovely seaside village of Des Moines, IA
[J.P. and Grace, with special appearance by Molly]

Just Visiting a large, corporate event nearby (we're being paid to be there, but not by the event to perform at the event - long story, but it's a gig ;).

Beggar's Night
Merle Hay Mall - The lovely seaside village of Des Moines, IA
(We will be there to host the mall employee costume contest, I believe. Bring the kids for free trick-or-treating throughout the mall!)

Boo! Several other private functions are lined up.

November Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!

TBA - non pirate event.

J.P. Boyd and Guitar
J.P. rocks the crowd. "Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! The life of a pirate is mine.."

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