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As previously rumored, we are indeed working on a musical comedy CD. As a member of our mailing list, you have a chance to listen to the tracks before we're even done with them! Have fun...

Where is the Renaissance (in the Festival) - Siouxland Ren Fest Mix

Pirate Comedy Show CD (Siouxland Mix)A song with something for everyone! It pokes fun at those who nitpick renaissance festivals. It pokes fun at renaissance festivals that people who nitpick renaissance festivals nitpick. And, most importantly of all, it pokes fun of pirates at renaissance festivals (er, maybe we should have thought this one out a bit more before recording it...).

This song was originally written in 2002 while driving to a small Iowa festival (nothing like the faux festival mentioned in the song). It was lost in a notebook until April 2004 when it was dusted off and recorded for the first time. This version (with a special introduction) was made for the Siouxland Renaissance Festival fundraising CD project. It features J.P. on dialog, vocals, guitar, and bodrhan (some kinda weird drum thing); Molly on background vocals and dialog; and a Macintosh laptop on tamborine. It was recorded entirely using Apple's free (with every new Mac) Garage Band program. Spiffy!

Where is the Renaissance (in the Festival).mp3 - 4.03MB MP3

...more tracks to be posted later.


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