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Scarlet FlynnAuxiliary pirate wench Scarlett Flynn is played by Phaedra Gay.

Phaedra Gay has been attending renaissance festivals since 1998, when she and some of her friends made their own costumes to get into the Iowa Renaissance Festival (then held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds) at a discounted rate.

In January of 2001, while attending college in Iowa City, Phaedra was approached through the International Wenches Guild website to join a performing stage combat troupe called the Shattock Schoole of Defence. Phaedra spent several seasons performing with them all around the midwest at such events as: A Renaissance Affaire, Geneseo Shakespearean Festival, Iowa Renaissance Festival, Jubilee College Olde English Faire, Minnesota Renaissance Festival, My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire, Nebraska Renaissance Faire, Nishna River Renaissance Faire, Salisbury Faire, Upper Great Lakes Renaissance Faire, Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival, and assorted other events. Phaedra eventually left the group to move back to Des Moines.

When not being shanghaied into pirate acts, Phaedra works as a bookseller for a national used bookstore chain (try to guess which one!).

There have been 39 pirates sacking the village within the past 24 hours. (Arrrr you still here???)
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