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Pirate wench Molly Mayrose is played by Lynne Melssen.Molly Mayrose

Lynne Melssen has experience with many Midwestern renaissance festivals.  She was the assistant to the director of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for two years, and performed on the Minnesota royal court during that time period.

Lynne trained in improvisational acting with a member of Chicago's Second City troupe while with the now defunct Saint Giles Faire, and has performed at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, King Richard's Faire (now Bristol Faire), Old World Faire in Mount Vernon, Iowa, Iowa Renaissance Festival in Amana, Iowa, Renaissance Faire of the Midlands in Council Bluffs, Salisbury Faire, My Waterloo Days, A Renaissance Affaire, and Nishna River Renaissance Festival.

In Minneapolis, MN she worked as a professional stage manager at the nationally recognized Children's Theater Company and in Des Moines Lynne has directed the Glastonbury Revelers, a madrigal group who were honored by the opportunity to sing at the White House in Washington, D.C. during December of 2000.

In community theater, Lynne has performed leading roles in Damn Yankees (Lola), The Sound of Music (Maria), A Little Night Music (Charlotte), Snow White (the Wicked Queen), Heartbreak House (Ellie Dunn), The Diary of Ann Frank (Mrs. Van Daan), The Cripple of Inishmann (Cate Osborn) as well as many others.

Currently, Lynne is employed as a public speaker for Hamilton College and directs "Have Court, Will Travel" a Des Moines based improv group who perform as royalty at renaissance festivals based around the Midwest.

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