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Captain J.P. Boyd (legendary pirate) is played by Allen Huffman.Captain J.P. Boyd

Allen Huffman attended his first renaissance festivals in Texas back around 1980. These unique visits to the Texas Renaissance Festival and Scarborough Faire would help foster an active passion towards all things festival-related.

Allen has worked his way up from being a patron to playtron, and from merchant (roaming rose vendor) to performer. He spent several seasons as a street character and performing with the Washer Well Wenches at regional events such as: Iowa Renaissance Festival, Geneseo Shakespearean Festival, Renaissance Faire of the Midlands, Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire, A Renaissance Affaire, Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival, Upper Great Lakes Renaissance Faire, Salisbury Faire, Nishna River Renaissance Faire, My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire, and others. He has also visited and photo-documented events such as the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Hamlet of Slater, Hamlet of Mid-Missouri, and Jubilee College Old English Faire.

In addition to performing, Allen has helped organize and operate several festivals, and he started AtTheFaire.com, a Midwest renaissance festival news and information website that gets tens of thousands visits each month. There he hosts 20,000 digital photos he has taken at festivals in the region. He also designs, maintains, and hosts over 50 renaissance related websites, including several festival sites.

When not roaming around pretending to be a funny pirate, Allen works as a consultant for computer software companies.

There have been 72 pirates sacking the village within the past 24 hours. (Arrrr you still here???)
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